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"Stress happens when something you care about is at stake. It's not a sign to run away - it's a sign to step forward."

Kelly McGonigal

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Do you ever feel caught up in a whirlwind of things to do and goals to reach, striving to be the best at work, in relationships, in sports, in every activity of your life?

Finding a moment of quiet, amid this feeling of high tide, sometimes seems impossible.

Maybe you hide in a rational and apparently reassuring thought telling you to resist, to hold on, as it will sooner or later get better, and the external stimuli will reduce and, from the outside, a moment of calm will finally come.

And yet, you are ready to build inside yourself those feelings of calm, safety and serenity, connecting your mind and body.

If you are looking for this inner oasis of calm, the psychophysiological approach can help you, providing you a searching tool for your best mode of functioning. This approach works in parallel, on the deep understanding of feelings and thoughts, as well as on the body, namely on its most ancient and animal reactions which put you in touch with the immediacy of your present.



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I am Chiara Cosentino, psychologist, psychophysiological therapist, and EMDR therapist under training. I am passionate about the emotions, behaviors and mechanisms underlying people's decision-making processes.

I obtained in 2016 a Ph.D. at the University of Parma, after conducting a research on the mind-body connection and clinically supporting people suffering from serious chronic diseases. During this path, I have deepened the "Psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology" (PNEI) field, which explains the close relationship between the psychological and emotional state of a person and the microscopic reactions of the body, determining the state of health and well-being.

I work with Biofeedback, a technique allowing to measure, know and adjust the personal “automatic" physical responses to stress. In particular, I developed an expertise on the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis, an index of the cardiac function reflecting the ability to reach a state of relaxation and calm that counterbalances stress (which, when well activated, contributes to improving health status and cognitive, relational, sport, artistic performance).

Mainly working as a Psychologist in Brussels, I also provide Development Coaching for Italian university research groups in Nursing Sciences, and I work with consultancies in the field of business and legal coaching, based in London and Milan (4DHuman Being, Global Warriors, Zeroquattro, DLM - associated work psychologists)

Over the years, I have also cultivated a side great passion for theater, studying and experimenting myself as an actress and director. I constantly develop and use techniques to improve performance, related to breathing and awareness of one's emotional state (when on scene, the ability to slow down the flow of thoughts and reach a state of “true presence” is crucial!).


My goal is to substantially help people to improve the listening to the most authentic part of themselves through their bodies, to get in touch with their weaknesses and their strengths and to build a new and joyful self-awareness, maximizing their potential and enhancing the resources that everyone has to "feel good", even under complex circumstances (stress overload, daily problems, illness).


Rue Abbé Cuypers, 21 c/o Kiné Merode

1040 Etterbeek 


+32 484494142

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