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Ancora 1

Individual sessions and EMDR, live and online

First of all, we will share the problem or goal that brought you here.

Looking back, we will try to combine the points and reconstruct your story, what you have experienced, to understand your present and understand how to connect to it in a productive and joyful way. 

We will try to work connecting mind and body, recovering the profound contact with your sensations and physical state, understanding how the mind speaks to the body and vice-versa how the body communicate with the mind, sending clear signals to the brain and conditioning your behavior. 

In full respect of your body, we will work on these perceptions, using embodiment techniques to awaken it, with kindness and lightness. We will use strategies to connect with the present moment, we will try to stimulate, recognize and feel the positive emotions that build well-being, we will work on knowledge and compassion towards ourselves. 

Our aim will be to reveal the existing resources to solve the problem and strengthen them to achieve your goal in the best possible way. 

I have had the privilege to witness the transformative power of therapy on people's lives. However, I also recognized that some individuals may struggle to make progress due to traumatic experiences that continue to impact their mental health.

That's why I decided to expand my practice to include Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. EMDR has been proven to be effective in helping individuals process and overcome traumatic experiences, allowing them to move forward and achieve their goals.

By incorporating EMDR into my practice, I am able to provide a more comprehensive and tailored approach to therapy, empowering people to overcome their challenges and thrive.

We will try to learn that, in the end, it is not possible to avoid the storm coming, but that finding the resources and the flexibility to be able to cross it is a concrete option. The “storm” will be later included in your history as a step contributing to making you “the best version of you".


for professionals and Companies

Lead Program

The LEAD program is designed specifically for Companies and professionals, and it aims at preventing the state of physical, emotional and psychological exhaustion linked to work stress, its impact on personal effectiveness, professional performance, and work / life balance. The individual and group resources useful to optimally deal with "stressful" contexts will be developed. The program is divided into 4 phases:


LEARN: Knowing the stress, the physiological functioning, the risks, the advantages and the resources inherent in one's own body and mind, discovering how much modifiable and adjustable components exists within our mind / body system and how this system has a direct impact on work, performance and work / life balance.


EXPLORE: Exploring the effects of the mind / body system in professional life. We will construct a "personal story" to identify when, in the real experience, there were moments of professional "blackouts" due to an overload of stress as useful tools to read habits and regularities.


ACTIVATE: Learning a structured set of bodily and psychological techniques that allow to better activate the mind / body system within the professional system.


DIVE IN: Mastering the approach, with an appropriate knowledge of the stimuli and contexts of use of the different techniques, a renewed ability to listen to the psycho / body state and to listen to other colleagues and to the whole professional system.


The program delivery strategy, can be agreed from time to time according to the needs of the professionals.

RELEASE YOUR IMPACT FACTOR for Academic well-being


A program designed specifically for the needs of academic workers (PhD students, researchers) which has the dual objective of preventing the risk of exhaustion, burnout and professional dropout, on one hand, and optimizing the level of academic performance, on the other.

Individual resources will be stimulated through the psychophysiological approach, useful to manage the stressful challenges linked to the academic world, from exaggerate workload to professional uncertainty.

Strategic input will be shared to improve the management of stress and time and to add value to one's self and academic path.

Techniques will be shared to improve performance, especially in reference to public occasions (public speaking, pitches, conferences).

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